The Relics had a club run to Ricks Diner at Palmwoods on the 2nd June. We arranged to all meet up at the northbound BP at Burpengary. Two other clubs also were using that same area as a meeting point.  There was a group of Mustangs there when we arrived and they left just before most of the other clubs arrived. Shane our retired club president showed up for a while with his family and chatted, before heading off on business.


The other club was the Pontiac Club and they were leaving after we had arranged to leave after we had. So there was a good selection of cars in the car park.

Since our cruise leader was going to be in a black Trans am, there were a couple of jokes about “just follow the black Pontiac”.. But which one. J


One of our club members held a regular car get together at Caboolture each month on the first Sunday so we decided we would have a mini cruise and visit his show.


So we dropped in to see him and stayed for about ˝ an hour for a chat.

Bruce tells me that this will be the last time at this spot because of red tape so he is looking at finding a new venue.  When we left Bruce decided to join us for the easy cruise to Palmwoods where we arrived about 11.



It seems to be a busy  and popular place, but we managed to get parking for ourselves.


We managed to all sit near each other in 2 groups.  One along the big table.

And another smaller group at the next table.



The burgers are pretty big and come with a steak knife. The one in the background is the kids burger. Ricks does have a liquor license although most members seemed to enjoy the old fashioned milk shakes.


After lunch we all had a chat for quite a while and discussed some future events for the club.  Some of which are very exciting.  One proposal was for a weekend away camping at a property owned by one of the members.  This idea was enthusiastically received by all those present and the committee will keep you informed as the idea progresses.



Two of our committee members Paul and Mick, who suggested the idea and did the original scouting were unfortunately unable to attend because they are in hospital.  We thank you greatly for your work and wish you both a speedy recovery.


On the whole the entire day went well with the only problem being that one of the club member’s cars got “a little hot and bothered” and refused to co-operate, but with a little roadside assistance from members of the public and an escort from other club members they arrived home safely.


All the people I spoke to enjoyed the day and look forward to the next time.


Just a reminder that the next club show and shine is on in a couple of weeks and the Lakeside all American day is on in the beginning of July.  We need numbers for catering at both events and numbers for space allocation at lakeside where we will have our usual spot on the hill and a club cruise.