2014 Relics Bullocky Rest Breakfast Run & AGM - 09 Feb 2014

We started the day at Paul's garage for a cruise to Bullocky Rest on Lake Samsonvale for a breakfast run and to have our Annual General Meeting.  
A couple of our members with local knowledge knew a better route than I had planned so they led the cruise via a new route which avoided most of the traffic lights and allowed us to travel as a convoy and no one got lost or left behind.  Thanks to those members for their help.
When we arrived at the dam we set up camp on the spit.  One lesson we larned was to send someone early to start setting up and grab the best shade spot.
WeWe had a good turnout of about 2 dozen for the AGM and quite a selection of cars.  We all managed to park near where the shelters and cooking facilities and general amenities  were.
We filled up many of the parking spaces that had the best view of the lake.
A few parked on the other side of the access road, but still close enough to the action.  Next year we will fill those empty parking spaces.
We found that we didn't need to put up the shelters we brought because the weather was cloudy & not too hot.  There was also plenty of shade from the gum trees.  Didn't see a koala this time though.
We had no shortage of people to help and we had a couple of members take some of the load off our chef Ray.  Ray (rightmost) does a great job cooking for us when we go out & in this photo he gets to take a break & work on his managerial and supervisor skills.

For some of our last few runs our events officer Ray had a different king of break.  The kind you have your arm in a cast for. Glad to see you out of the cast.

After breakfast we got down to club business which was an opening address by Jack the president thanking people for their attendance and support of the club for the past year as well as thanking the committee and their spouses for their signifigant help over the previous year.  

The president introduced the treasurer Tony who delivered his "State of the Club"  report indicating how little money the club had when he took over as treasurer and how the club is in a much better financial position now.  We had barely enough to cover food and the club outings when he took control of the bank account.  Now because of the fundraising done through our shows and raffles we should have more than enough to cover the 6 lakeside meetings for this year and all the other events we have planned.

The president then thanked the treasurer and handed over the floor to the Secretary Mick for the election of the club commitee.

The Secretary then thanked the outgoing 2013 committe for their efforts and proceeded with the reading of nominations for the 2014 committee.

The existing committee were nominated for their existing positions.  A new nomination of Paul Saunders was added for the position of Vice President.

A vote of all the members was then held and the committee was  unanimously re-elected.  There was one vote jokingly against Paul being appointed [ His wife :) ] so I am calling it
[almost] unanimous for Paul.

The Secretary then handed the meeting back to our President who once again thanked members and the committee and wives for their support and hard work.

The Secretary Mick was re-affirmed in the role and so the managment committee remains the same. Paul is still Dating officer and Ray is still events officer.

The floor was then opened up for general business.

Personally I look forward to what our new president for Vice is going to come up with :)

General Business

The president asked if the members would like to use Bullocky Rest for future cruises and the members agreed that we should go there again in a few months.

The president then called for discussion about future runs & events.  Lisa had handed out a sheet earlier for members to put their suggestions on and we discussed some of these suggestions.  We managed to get through some of them and we will be discussing more at our future events.
We are always looking for new and interesting things for us to do as a club or even just a cruise for a few.

A number of suggestions for cruises were proposed and previous events were discussed.
One improvement is that in future breakfast runs we will have someone stake out the BBQ ahead of time, set up & start cooking breakfast.
We discussed the previous poker run and people indicated their preference for morning events.

Faye & Tony have generously allowed us to have our Christmas party at their weekend home. Thanks again.

We also had favourable response to the idea of some night runs and a toy run for charity.

One major decision to come out of the meeting was that a number of members offered to help out manning a club stall at the masters morayfield shows on The First saturday night of each month.  Jannine, Lisa, Mick & Paul have already made some major progress in that area.  Our thanks to all four for the good work.   Mick will keep members informed as to progress on this.

We then gathered for a group photo before people broke up & went to do their sunday shopping.

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