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Club Rego

This is for those members who have vehicles registed under special interest vehicles.

How do I go about getting it ?

To register your vehicle you must be a financial member of a registered car club (which we are) and fill out a form
like this one.
This form is available from our Dating Officer who will then inspect your vehicle to make sure it complies with the rules.

What do I do next ?

Vehicles registered under the scheme have certain rules they must abide by.
These are available via this link from Transport Queesnland website

OK so I read that, but what does it mean?

It means that the vehicle is allowed to travel to and from events that are authorised by a participating club.
Travel for repair, testing etc.
Used for some ceremonies like some weddings, parades etc.
It CANNOT be used for any commercial purpose.

If you want to use your vehicle for an event that does not already have a sanction you can contact us.
The club has regular and special events that it issues sanctions for.

Jack Fricker.  President.

How do I contact the committee ?
You can contact the Committee as follows:
Communications Coordinator: Jack Fricker
Email: jfricker@powerup.com.au

Or click Committee members

Do you have suggestions, comments or questions on our Club?
Do you have a suggestion for a club event.
An announcement or posting of an event which would be of interest to our members.
Perhaps you would like to become a member of our club?

Please get in touch! Just click this address to send us an e-mail: Jack Fricker

Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

The President
Resurrected Relics Car Club
P.O.Box. 387
Taigum Qld 4018